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Pondering, probably, back then in 1950...?

Paddy Baby pic.jpg

In 2018, I set myself to write a monthly essay on aspects of poetry I had been pondering upon. The object was to stir my recalcitrant synapses as well as to share, with anyone who cared to read them, some of my thoughts and enthusiasms.

There is plenty of inspiration to be found in the landscapes and seascapes here in the lovely Pays de Caux in Normandy.  


The view out at  Houdetot, where we live.

Paddy Salmon
Former Head of the English International Section, 
Lycée and Collège de Sèvres in France (1987-2012). 
I read English at Cambridge and have been teaching literature in England and France in state schools for over 45 years. (Motto - Try never to bore yourself, the pupils will always get by.)

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